Number of contracted musician positions in Pacific Symphony88
Number of positions offered less than $25k in wages in 2015-2016 season28
Number of positions offered more than $25k, but less than $50k in wages in 15-16 season37
% of annual budget allotted to musician compensation25-28%
Average wage for a section player in the 2009-2010 season$31,107
Average wage offered to a section player in Pacific Symphony in the 2015-2016 season$31,465
Percent wage increase for section musician, 2009-20151.1%
Inflation, 2009-201510.5%

One of the core beliefs of the Pacific Symphony Musicians is that the orchestra must be treated more holistically, as one unit. Often, small regional orchestras rely on a small “core” of players to perform the bulk of the work offered throughout the season, and supplement that core with extra players when the repertoire calls for it. We believe that Pacific Symphony has reached a level far beyond that of a small regional orchestra, and that our community deserves a true, full-size symphony orchestra. On stage, we all recognize that each of us makes an important contribution, without which the art would suffer. We’d like to see the same understanding when it comes to our employment.

When you see a concert, and watch a violinist sitting near the back of the orchestra playing with commitment and passion, contributing his or her whole self to the artistic creation before you, you may not expect that that person is seen as less crucial than others on stage by their employer. We are musicians, we love what we do, and we will always do our jobs with this fervor for the sake of the art form and for the audience before us. It is time that all of us are shown appreciation for our contributions through fair wages, stability, and job security.